WEBD 122 WEBD122 Midterm Answers (APU)

WEBD 122 WEBD122 Midterm Answers (APU)


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WEBD 122 Midterm (APUS)

Describe the importance of Web Analytics to an organization and the new responsibilities of the web analyst.

Discuss one (1) analytic tool. Describe why you found this analytics tool interesting and what features does it offer that may be attractive to an organization to begin using?

Explain why organizations should track mobile users, and is this an area that deserves the web analyst’s attention?

What are the steps you can do to stay ahead of or stay on par with the search engines as they constantly change their algorithms? Please describe what steps you can take.

Explain the importance of SEO and the various ways it can be utilized, in addition, include how to measure your success or failure of your efforts.

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