THEO 104 THEO104 Week 8 Quiz End Times

THEO 104 THEO104 Week 8 Quiz End Times


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THEO 104 Week 8 Quiz

Quiz/Module 8

End Times

1. The Bible indicates that there is no death in heaven.

2. What does immanency mean?

3. Though the word “rapture” is only found in Scripture it is a major doctrine of many conservative churches today.

4. At the rapture unbelievers will be “caught up” into the air to meet Jesus and, instantaneously, they will receive glorified bodies.

5. Which of these is not one of the 5 crowns listed in Scripture to describe rewards?

6. One of the best arguments that Heaven is real is the physical presence of Jesus.

7. What is the “Separation of the Sheep and Goats Judgement?”

8. Jesus taught that heaven is eternal.

9. Who are the only two people that have entered heaven in a similar way to the rapture?

10. God designed hell to punish those angels that rebelled against his authority.

11. What is the “first” heaven?

12. The common word for hell in the Old Testament is “Sheol”

13. Jesus is currently preparing an eternal home for those who believe in him.

14. When did Premillennial view become popular?

15. The Amillenial view believes that the Old Testament predictions of the kingdom were fulfilled in a literal way?

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