THEO 104 THEO104 Week 7 Quiz Christian Life

THEO 104 THEO104 Week 7 Quiz Christian Life


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THEO 104 Week 7 Christian Life

Module/Week 7: Christian Life

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Chs. 7 & 12

a) Chapter 7

1. According to the Westminster Confession, what is sin?

2. List the principles that guide the Christian in discipling his life.

3. What are some of the main motivators for a Christian to discipline their life?

4. What shouldn’t be a motivator for discipline?

5. Why is legalism bad?

Chapter 12

1. T/FThe author believes that the great commission was Jesus’ command to his disciples and therefore it is faulty to apply it to all believers.

2. What are the two imperatives in the Great Commission?

3. What are motives for Christians to evangelize non-Christians?

Etzel & Gutierrez: Chs. 31–35

1. What is the great commandment?

2. How many times is the great commission recorded in the Bible?

3. Is renewal in the life of a believer a one time event or an ongoing process?

4. T/F: The indwelling and filling ministry of the Spirit is referenced exclusively in the New Testament.

5. What are the primary differences between the indwelling and the filling of the Spirit?

6. Which aspect of the indwelling/filling ministry of the Spirit deals with the character of the believer?

Online Excerpts:

“Habits of the Heart”

1. How does the author define “character?”

2. Where a _____ results in inner power to do good,  ______results in your habits that make you do good.

3. Belief is more than a decision to accept Christ. It is the __conviction__ that something is true.

4. You can’t determine your _______, but when you have the right ____ you get the best out of circumstances and rise above your circumstances.

5. A person with character is able to ___ out ___   ___ long after the ___ is gone that first motivated the choice.

6. What do you think was the most helpful portion of this article? Why?

7. Do you think you will change anything in your approach to life based on this article? Why or why not?

8. Did you agree with the article? Why or why not?


1. What are the seven kinds of prayer that the article listed?

2. What are seven conditions that hinder prayer?

“What is Revival?”

1. What church’s revival does the author recount in this reading?

2. What started the revival in that church?

3. T/F According to the author, revival is only a recent phenomenon, a unique cultural event erupting in the late 19th and early 20th century.

4. How does the author define revival?

“The Greatness of the Great Commission”

1. Geographically, to what portions of the world did Jesus command his disciples to take the good news?

2. What significant response did the disciples show Jesus when he appeared to them the third time?

3. What was Jesus’ systematic plan to preach the Gospel to the world?

4. What was Jesus’ last commandment called?What did it entail?

5. What are 4 lessons that the author suggests for the individual?

6. What are 4 lessons that the author suggests for the church?

“Simple Steps to Solid Study”

1. List and explain MacArthur’s Five Step Bible Study method.

“But What Does it Mean to Me?”

1. What does MacArthur feel about the belief that we should guard against preachers whose emphasis is on interpreting Scripture rather than applying it?

2. According to MacArthur, “There is no danger of __; the real threat is an __ attempt at ___.”

3. We don't make the __; it is inherently so, simply because it is God's Word.

“Making Hard Decisions Easy”

1. What are the 10 Questions that the author suggests you should ask in order to make hard decisions easy?

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