THEO 104 THEO104 Week 6 Quiz The Church

THEO 104 THEO104 Week 6 Quiz The Church


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THEO 104 Week 6 The Church

Module/Week 6: The Church

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Chs. 9 & 11

Chapter 9

1. What did Jesus say was the Greatest Commandment?

2. What did Jesus say was the second greatest commandment?

3. Does the Bible refer to a church as a building or a denomination?

4. Does the Bible refer to the church as a community of believers?

5. What are two benefits of mentoring?

6. List and explain the seven pictures the New Testament uses to describe the church.

7. What is it about local churches that so many misunderstand Christianity?

Chapter 11

1. When did Christianity become Rome’s national religion?

2. What was the Ulster revival?

3. What did European missionaries do wrong in their approach?

4. What is “trickle down” influence?

5. What is “bubble up” influence?

6. Which is more effective, the “trickle down” influence or “bubble up” influence? Why?

7. When is a nation considered to be “Christianized”?

8. T/F Oikos conversion in the New Testament is the promise that the presence of one Christian in a family guarantees the eventual conversion of all other family members of his family.

9. What term do foreign missionaries use to describe oikos conversion?

10. What is a “people movement”?

11. How did the term “the Protestant work ethic” come about?

12. What does “Redemption and Lift” refer to?

Etzel & Gutierrez: Chs. 26–30

1. What is the meaning of the Greek word baptisma?

2. Do the followers of Jesus in the New Testament get baptized before or after they profess their faith in the risen Jesus?

3. The Last Supper was a part of what Jewish celebration?

4. T/F: Participating in Communion is a step of obedience to Christ's command.

5. T/F: The Bible describes the local church as a building where people meet together.

6. What does the author mean by the phrase, “We are not corporately more than what we are individually”?

7. Who is the “head” of the church?

8. What are the different kinds of “church government” described by the author?

9. What is the mission of the church?

10. T/F: It is important to be a member of a church because it is an indication of your commitment level to that local congregation.

11. T/F: Church discipline can only be effectively administered if, and when, individuals are committed to and connected with a local congregation.

Online Excerpts:

“Organization of the Church”—Pg. 672–675

1. How is the church both an organism and organization?

2. List 13 ways the New Testament Church was organized?

“Theological Definition of the Church”—Pg. 649–651

1. What is a Church?

2. What are the two ordinances given to the church?

3. What is baptism symbolic of?

4. What is the purpose of the Lord’s table?

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