THEO 104 THEO104 Week 5 Quiz Salvation

THEO 104 THEO104 Week 5 Quiz Salvation


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THEO 104 Week 5 Salvation

Module/Week 5: Salvation

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Chs. 3 & 5

Chapter 3

1. According to the author, Christ’s death was 

2. Where was Jesus crucified?

3. What day does the author believe Jesus was crucified?

4. What were the two accusations made against Jesus?

5. What two men asked to bury Jesus’ body?

6. What did the blood and water that Jesus shed show?

7. What is a substitutionary death?

8. What is a redemptive death?

9. What does propitiation mean?

Chapter 5

1. According to the Bible, what is conversion?

2. What are the three parts of a conversion experience?

3. T/F: One can be saved by a choice alone.

4. T/F: Feeling remorse over your sin is enough to save you.

5. T/F: The terms “regeneration” and “born again” have the same meaning.

6. T/F: Conversion is what God does in a sinner’s life.

Etzel & Gutierrez: Chs. 21–25

1. Where in the Bible can the idea of regeneration be found?

2. What two components could be viewed as salvation from the perspective of the individual?

3. What does it mean to be justified?

4. How does Grudem define Justification?

5. Understand the three aspect of sanctification.

6. Why is mankind in opposition to God?

7. T/F: Repentance and feeling sorry are basically the same thing.

8. God provides us with the faith to do what?

Online Excerpts:

“Election and Salvation”—Pg. 426–434

1. What are the five points of Calvinism?

2. What does “total depravity” mean?

3. What is “Unconditional election?”

4. What is “Limited atonement?”

5. What is “irresistible grace?”

6. What does the author give as an alternative to perseverance of the saints?

“What is Conversion”—Pg. 287–298

1. What is Regeneration?

2. What are the results of Regeneration?

3. The term anothen, translated “born again,” can also be translated as what?

4. T/F Adam died physically within days of eating the fruit in the Garden.

5. T/F As a result of Adam’s sin, everyone is born into the world spiritually dead because of trespasses and sins.

6. T/F When a person receives Jesus Christ, he becomes a new creation, and the sin nature is eliminated.

7. What are the three steps that the “Roman’s Road” teaches one must know to be save? Explain.

8. How is sin like a marathon runner who misses beating a record by three seconds?

9. What part does baptism play in the salvation process?

“The Weakness of Arminianism”—Pg. 434–440

1. Who originated the theological system of Arminianism?

2. Describe the major tenants of the Arminian view.

3. What does Arminianism tend to limit its definition of sin to?

4. Do Arminians believe in Eternal Security as Baptists do?

“Hell's Best Kept Secret” (audio clip)

1. What percentage of converts did the lecturer say he found were falling away from the faith?

2. What was the lecturer’s point with his illustration about the 2 men on a plane?

3. What was the lecturer’s point concerning Groaninzin’s disease?

4. Why does the lecturer suggest that when sharing our faith we should start with the natural and then go to the spiritual?

5. According to the lecture, what did John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon have in common in the gospel message?

6. What does the lecturer suggest NOT to preach in the gospel message?

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