THEA 107 THEA107 Week 5 Quiz Answers - PSU

THEA 107 THEA107 Week 5 Quiz Answers - PSU


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THEA 107 Week 5 Quiz (Penn State University)

  1. Please choose the words that best fit this phrase: Tragedy shows men at their ____________; Comedy shows men at their ______________. 
  2. Comedy that uses people falling and hitting one another to get laughs, like The Three Stooges, is known as __________________________. 
  3. Which of these structural elements is not true of a farce: 
  4. Comedies must have a happy ending. 
  5. One of the main differences between Old Comedy and New Comedy is that New Comedy focuses on satirizing the government while Old Comedy focuses on romances and domestic issues. 
  6. The foundation of all farce is that it’s based on a 
  7. In a Farce, the emphasis is on the verbal comedy, not the physical. 
  8. Cracker Barrel comedy is sophisticated comedy based in an East Coast mentality like Lisa Lampanelli. 
  9. Which of these events does not happen in The Hangover? 
  10. Kristen Wiig's was in a skit where she played Congresswoman Michelle Bachman attempting to speak Spanish in a Presidential primary debate. What genre of comedy was she performing? 

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