THEA 107 THEA107 Week 2 Quiz Answers - PSU

THEA 107 THEA107 Week 2 Quiz Answers - PSU


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THEA 107 Week 2 Quiz (Penn State University)

  1. The moment of peak emotional excitement, where the central conflict of the play (often between the antagonist and the protagonist) is decided one way or the other. 
  2. The element of structure that begins the action of the play, making "this day different from any other." 
  3. The events that occur after the climax of the play, usually tying together loose ends and showing the results of the central conflict. 
  4. An event or interaction that increases the complications or intensity of the central conflict. 
  5. True or False: All My Sons is structured in the style called "well-made" meaning that it is better than other forms of structure. 
  6. The most likely protagonist of this story is: 
  7. The most likely antagonist of this story is: 
  8. The most likely inciting incident of Little Red Ridinghood is: 
  9. What is the name of Joe and Kate's missing son 
  10. Granny's role in Little Red Ridinghood is most associated with this structural element 

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