THEA 107 THEA107 Week 11 Quiz Answers - PSU

THEA 107 THEA107 Week 11 Quiz Answers - PSU


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THEA 107 Week 11 Quiz (Penn State University)

  1. What best describes a concept musical? 
  2. Which individual is best known for being a director that pioneered the concept musical? 
  3. Which individual is a composer and lyricist best known for their work on Company? 
  4. At the end of Company, Robert...... 
  5. In RBG, R stands for........ 
  6. In RBG, B stands for...... 
  7. In RBG, the G stands for...... 
  8. Each act of Company begins and ends with this event: 
  9. The structure of Company is responsible for such shows as Next to Normal and A Chorus Line 
  10. Stephen Sondheim wrote the book of Company 

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