Strayer PSY 110 PSY110 WEEK 7 EXAM 2 Answers

Strayer PSY 110 PSY110 WEEK 7 EXAM 2 Answers


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  1. Those roles which one attains voluntarily are called
  2. A relationship in which participants expect and desire strict reciprocity in the interactions.
  3. Prejudice based on displaced aggression represents a form of
  4. Social position in a group determines one's
  5. Zimbardo interpreted the results of his simulated prison study as an indication of the
  6. The fact that physically attractive people also tend to be rated more highly on traits such as intelligence and honesty is an example of
  7. The organization of roles, patterns of communication, and power in a group defines the group's
  8. People who think their ethnic, national, or religious group is superior to others are called
  9. Which statement about physical attractiveness is FALSE?
  10. Omoto and Snyder’s study (1993) on what motivates volunteers to help people with AIDS concluded that ALL of the following were important reasons to volunteers for helping except for this one:
  11. Studies of conformity indicate that people are more apt to be influenced by others if they
  12. The degree of attraction among group members relates to the dimension of
  13. According to evolutionary psychologists,
  14. Zimbardo's prison experiment suggests that many destructive human relationships have their source in
  15. In general, helping behavior in emergency situations is discouraged by
  16. Milgram's shock study showed people to be surprisingly
  17. According to the text, which one of these is not a strategy for resisting persuasion?
  18. During his rise to power, Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic woes. This is an example of
  19. People's invisible "spatial envelope" defines their __________, and extends "I" or "me" boundaries past the skin.
  20. Stanley Milgram's experiment in which a "teacher" gave shocks to a "learner" was designed to test the limits of
  21. You are asked by a close friend to outline a complete text to aid her studying for a final exam. You refuse to help. Later, your friend asks if you would at least outline two chapters. Feeling guilty, you now agree to help. Your behavior is predicted by the
  22. An ongoing pattern of life including such things as language, customs and sex roles is called
  23. Which theory holds that a relationship must be profitable to endure?
  24. There is a strong relationship between dating frequency and physical attractiveness
  25. Which is TRUE regarding choosing a mate?
  26. A __________ group is a group based on social comparison.
  27. Physical proximity increases attraction because it
  28. Moderate self-disclosure typically leads to
  29. Comparing yourself with a person who ranks lower than you is referred to as
  30. This is an intense feeling of attraction to another person with an erotic context and future expectations.

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