Strayer LEG 500 LEG500 Final Exam Part 2 (New 2016)

Strayer LEG 500 LEG500 Final Exam Part 2 (New 2016)


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LEG 500 Final Exam Part 2 (Spring 2016)

  1. According to MIT professor Layzer, the lobbyists for the energy corporations have used which of the following tactics to avoid stricter regulation?
  2. Eminent Domain is a practice governed under the _____ Amendment to the constitution
  3. Which of the following are permissible uses of power of eminent domain
  4. The power of the U.S. Government to take property from a private individual and use it for public purposes is:
  5. Which piece of legislation was passed first?
  6. In Native Village of Kivalina v. Exxonmobil Corporation, et. al, Judge Armstrong ruled.
  7. In the case of IMS Health, Inc., et. al. v. Kelly Ayotte, Attorney General of New Hampshire, “detailing” a drug is:
  8. The American Association of Advertising Agencies as agreed to a code that contains the following prohibitions in advertising.
  9. ________________ is the advertising industries established self-regulation organization.
  10. In FTC v. Silueta Distributors, Inc. and Stanley Klavir, Judge Armstrong ruled
  11. According to the FTC, deceptive advertising claims are
  12. The “dependence effect” is based on which proposition.
  13. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the primary tactic defense attorneys use to minimize liability is:
  14. Strict liability arises when:
  15. According to Stephen Sugarman, performance-based regulation is
  16. Compensatory damages are:
  17. Product liability lawsuits focus on
  18. To win a case in negligence, a plaintiff must prove all but
  19. Napster is an example of what type of intellectual property theft?
  20. Intellectual property is different from other forms of property in that.
  21. Parodies are protected under what type of intellectual property law?
  22. Which if the following can be patentable
  23. The difference between the Project Gutenberg (PG) and the Google book scanning project is:
  24. The Guttenberg Project is focused on
  25. Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Eric Corley examines which piece of intellectual property legislation.

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