Strayer CIS 552 CIS552 Week 5 Lab Assignment Worksheet Solution

Strayer CIS 552 CIS552 Week 5 Lab Assignment Worksheet Solution


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CIS552 Week 5 Lab Assignment 5 Lab Assessment Worksheet (STRAYER)

Auditing a Wireless Network and Planning for a Secure WLAN Implementation:

1. What functions do these WLAN applications and tools perform on WLANs: airmon-

ng, airodump-ng, and aireplay-ng?

2. Why is it critical to use encryption techniques on an IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h wireless

LAN? Which encryption method is best for use on a WLAN (WEP, WPA, WPA2)?

3. What security countermeasures can you enable on your wireless access point (WAP) as part of a layered security solution for WLAN implementations?

4. What security advantage does disabling the broadcasting of your SSID provide? Does this provide your WLAN with complete security (CIA)?

5. Why is wireless such an important vector to secure properly for many organizations, including home users?

6. What risks, threats, and vulnerabilities are prominent with WLAN infrastructures?

7. What is the risk of logging onto access points in airports or other public places?

8. What is the highest level of security you can establish for a WLAN and using what technology?

9. Why is it important to have a wireless access policy and to conduct regular site surveys and audits?

10. What is a risk of using your mobile cell phone or external WLAN as a Wi-Fi connection point?

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