Strayer CIS 110 CIS110 WEEK 5 MIDTERM Answers

Strayer CIS 110 CIS110 WEEK 5 MIDTERM Answers


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  1. A(n) ____ is similar to a variable, except it can be assigned a value only once
  2. Fractional numeric variables that contain a decimal point are known as ____ variables
  3. Depending on the programming language being used, modules are also known as ____
  4. When the first letter of a variable name is uppercase, as in HourlyWage, the format is known as ____ casing.
  5. The assignment operator is the ____ sign.
  6. Declaring a starting value for a variable is known as ____ the variable
  7. In most programming languages, before you can use any variable, you must include a ____ for it.
  8. ____ is where a variable’s data type or other information is stored as part of the name
  9. In a flowchart, the ____ is used to represent processing.
  10. After a programmer plans the logic of a program, the next step is ____
  11. Computer programmers often refer to memory addresses using ____ notation
  12. ____ errors are relatively easy to locate and correct because the compiler or interpreter you use highlights every error.
  13. Placing a structure within another structure is called ____ structures.
  14. The action or actions that occur within a loop are known as a(n) ____
  15. The priming read is an example of a(n) ____ task
  16. The case structure is a variation of the ____ structure.
  17. if-else examples can also be called ____ because they contain the action taken when the tested condition is true and the action taken when it is false.
  18. A ____ read is an added statement that gets the first input value in a program
  19. Attaching structures end to end is called ____ structures
  20. A loop must return to the ____ question at some later point in a structure.
  21. A(n) ____ decision is a decision in which two conditions must be true for an action to take place.
  22. A(n) ____ decision is a decision in which at least one of two conditions must be true for an action to take place
  23. Usually, ____ variables are not considered to be equal unless they are identical
  24. For maximum efficiency, a good rule of thumb in an OR decision is to ____
  25. Boolean expressions are named after ____
  26. When creating a truth table, you must determine how many possible Boolean value combinations exist for the conditions. If there are two conditions, ____ combinations will exist.
  27. For maximum efficiency, a good rule of thumb in an AND decision is to ____
  28. In a truth table, the expression ____ is false
  29. The ____ sign means “greater than.”
  30. A(n) ____ is a software package that provides an editor, a compiler, and other programming tools.
  31. The repetition of a series of steps is called a(n) ____
  32. The major difference between the two main programming styles in use today is the ___
  33. A(n) ____ is a location on your computer screen where you type text entries to communicate with the computer’s operating system.
  34. You represent a decision in a flowchart by drawing a decision symbol, which is shaped like a ____.
  35. A(n) ____ is a program that you use to create simple text files.
  36. A specific numeric value is often called a(n) ____.
  37. When a program has several modules calling other modules, programmers often use a program ____, which operates similarly to an organizational chart, to show the overall picture of how modules are related to one another.
  38. When you write programs, you work with data in three different forms: ____
  39. As programs become larger and more complicated, the need for good planning and
    design ____ .
  40. An ____ is most often represented by a three-sided box that is connected to the step it references by a dashed line.

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