STAT 500 STAT500 Homework 5 Solution (Penn State University)

STAT 500 STAT500 Homework 5 Solution (Penn State University)


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STAT 500 STAT500 Homework 5 Answers (Penn State University)

1. Dave Hughes owns a local restaurant. He wonders if a redesign of the menu will increase, on average, the amount customers spend when visiting his establishment. For the following scenarios, pick a statistical method we discussed regarding comparing two groups that would be appropriate for analyzing the problem. Indicate whether the samples would be dependent or independent, which parameter(s) is(are) relevant, and what inference method you would use. 

2. The Center for Disease Control takes periodic randomized surveys to track health of Americans. In a survey of 4881 adults in 2007-2008, 1674 were obese (body mass index BMI >= 30). In a survey of 5181 adults in 2011-2012, 1808 were obese. Complete parts A, B, and C by hand. 

3. A random sample of 59 students was selected from the PSU student data base. Each student was asked their Sex and Height (in inches). Below are the summary results. 

4. Use Minitab and the data located in the homework 5 folder to answer the following. 

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