STAT 200 STAT200 Lab 8 Activity (Penn State University)

STAT 200 STAT200 Lab 8 Activity (Penn State University)


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STAT 200 STAT 200 Lab Activity 8 Solution 2 (Penn State University)

For each of the following research questions does the situation or research question involve independent samples or paired data? Why?

In the Datasets folder in ANGEL open the Class Survey dataset.   The variable Gender indicates whether respondents were female or male students.  We’ll compare the populationmeannumber of parties attended per month (Monthly Parties is the variable) for female students versus male students to see if males have a higher propensity for partying.

Using the same Class Survey datafile, we want to determine if there is a difference in experimental marijuana use (variable is Try Weed) for male students versus that of female students (variable is Gender.)

In the Datasets folder click the link for the IQ datafile.   This data set contains the IQ scores for twenty individuals, along with their scores on both a Mathematics Competency test as well as Abstract Reasoning test, both of which are measured on a 0 – 50 point scale.  Is there a difference how those tested scored on the Mathematics Competency test and Abstract Reasoning test?  Since we are considering differences between two measurements (i.e. Math Exam score and Abstract Reasoning score) on the same individual we can consider the data to be paired.  

Use software to conduct a Matched Paired t-test.  In Minitab:  Stat > Basic Statistics > Paired t > enter your sample information > under “Options” choose the appropriate Alternative Hypothesis, Confidence Level, and Hypothesized Difference (typically 0).

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