STAT 200 STAT200 Lab 10 Solution (Penn State University)

STAT 200 STAT200 Lab 10 Solution (Penn State University)


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STAT 200 STAT200 Lab 10 (Penn State University)

Directions. This lab pertains to materials covered in Lesson 10 (“One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)”), particularly Chapter 11 in the textbook. The assignment should be typed, with your name on the document. “STARS.MTW” and “HotDog.MTW” datasets are needed for this activity. If you choose to collaborate, the write-up should be your own. Please show your work! Please write your answers to a word document and upload the answer sheet to the dropbox. Upload a word file to the Lab 10 Dropbox on ANGEL by the deadline.

One Bonus Question (20 pts) is optional at the end of this assignment.

1.[20 points] Determining if ANOVA is Appropriate

2.  [20 points] Filling ANOVA Source Table

3. [15 points] Open the dataset STARS.MTW

4. [40 pts]One Way ANOVA Using Software

Bonus Questions [20 points]

One Way ANOVA – Interpreting Software Output

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