SSC 101 SSC101 Week 2 DQ 2 Final Paper Preparation Describing a Social Problem

SSC 101 SSC101 Week 2 DQ 2 Final Paper Preparation Describing a Social Problem


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SSC 101 Week 2 Discussion 2 Final Paper Preparation Describing a Social Problem

Describing a Social Problem. 1st Post Due by Day 3. This course is structured so that in each week, you work on a section of your Final Paper. Therefore, in Week Five, much of the groundwork will have already been laid out for a successful final project. Consequently, it is very important to take special care with these discussion prompts, as careful work will save you much time later on. This week you will select a social problem topic for your Final Paper and describe the ways in which inequality contributes to this problem and how the problem affects society. Use the feedback you receive from your peers and instructor in this discussion to construct your Final Paper Outline due in Week Three.

In Chapter 4 of your textbook, you read about inequality which is rooted in powerlessness, age, gender, race, and other factors. Please select one social problem from the list that follows and provide a detailed overview of this social problem within the context of inequality. The social problem that you select from the following list will be the topic of your Final Paper, so give your selection careful thought and pick something that you are interested in.

  • Homelessness¬†
  • Teenage pregnancy¬†
  • Air pollution¬†
  • Obesity in youth¬†
  • High dropout rate in schools¬†
  • Environmental problems¬†
  • Hate crimes¬†
  • Death penalty¬†
  • Minority rights¬†
  • Prison-Industrial complex
  • Gender discrimination¬†
  • Inequality of wealth across nations¬†
  • Income inequality¬†
  • Global warming
    Your discussion must include the following five components regarding the social problem you selected: 
  • Describe, in brief, the social problem.¬†
  • Identify one specific way in which inequality contributes to this problem.¬†
  • Explain how and why inequality feeds this problem.¬†
  • Explain how this social problem affects society.¬†
  • Use at least three different resources. One may be the textbook; later chapters may be very helpful. The
    other two resources must come from the Ashford University Library. Please acknowledge these resources in your discussion. Refer to the Social Science Research Guide in the Ashford University Library or search for two scholarly articles using FindIt@AU. If you are unfamiliar with using the Ashford University Library to locate scholarly articles, please contact your instructor. You can also use the tutorials, webinars, and research guides available at Ashford University’s LibraryU to learn more about researching scholarly articles. If you need help with quoting or paraphrasing your sources, please consult the following resources at the Ashford University Writing Center: Guidelines for Incorporating Quotes and Guidelines for Paraphrasing Sources.
    Guided Response: Respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts by Day 7. In your responses, discuss how your topic compares to your peers and why you decided on your selected social problem. You should also offer constructive feedback on the topic and their explanation of how it affects society. Point out what you think is strong about their description of the topic and offer suggestions for improvement. Your goal is to support your peers and help them to refine their topic before writing the research paper outline in Week Three. Posts must be at least 75 words in length and demonstrate critical thinking, engagement with course material, and represent a meaningful attempt to engage in discourse. 

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