SS 236 SS236 Unit 5 Quiz (Kaplan)

SS 236 SS236 Unit 5 Quiz (Kaplan)


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SS 236 Unit 5 Quiz (Kaplan)

  1. Any legislature with two houses is referred to as
  2. According to the Constitution, apportionment and redistricting must occur every
  3. The process of allotting seats in the House of Representatives is called
  4. The advantage that MOST helps members of Congress stay in office is
  5. The only officer of the House of Representatives specifically mentioned in the Constitution is the
  6. The official chair of the Senate is the _____.
  7. All bills must be introduced by
  8. Individual senators can exercise tremendous power by filibustering
  9. When both the presidency and Congress are led by members of the same party, the government is said to be
  10. What is the Tenure of Office Act?

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