SS 236 SS236 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan)

SS 236 SS236 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan)


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SS 236 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan)

  1. Under the Articles of Confederation,
  2. Removal of the president from office requires
  3. Agreements that the president concludes with foreign nations that do not require the advice and consent of the Senate are called
  4. White House staffers
  5. The first president to send a legislative package to Congress was
  6. The Pendleton Act established the principle of ________ in federal hiring
  7. The ratification of the ________ Amendment in 1913 gave Congress the authority to implement a federal income tax, and thus allowed government to grow even more.
  8. All Cabinet departments are headed by a secretary except for the Department of
  9. The Environmental Protection Agency is a/an
  10. The law enacted in 1939 to prohibit federal employees from becoming directly involved in political campaigns was called the

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