SRM 320 SRM320 Week 2 Quiz

SRM 320 SRM320 Week 2 Quiz


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SRM 320 Week 2 Quiz

  1. In hiring physical education personnel, the least important qualification is:
  2. Corporate fitness programs, health and fitness centers, and Park and Recreation 
    Departments should:
  3. The physical fitness level of adults in the United States:
  4. A mind-body-spirit approach to health and fitness is a distinctive aspect of programs 
    offered by:
  5. Individuals with high intellectual capacity:
  6. The causal agent in stress that some managers experience is called a:
  7. The largest commercial fitness chain in the United States is:
  8. Group dynamics:
  9. Affirmative action refers to:
  10. General Mills has an excellent fitness program for its employees in:

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