SPHE 315 SPHE315 Week 8 Final Quiz Part 1 (APUS)

SPHE 315 SPHE315 Week 8 Final Quiz Part 1 (APUS)


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SPHE 315 Week 8 Final Quiz Part 1 (American Public University)

Question 1 of 25

Calisthenics are resistive exercises that:

Question 2 of 25

According to your textbook, the purpose of the isometric extension is to:

Question 3 of 25

The basic principles of training are the same for beginners and athletes

Question 4 of 25

The alarm reaction is the initial response to stress?

Question 5 of 25

Carbohydrates are classified as

Question 6 of 25

It is suggested that beginners start off with

Question 7 of 25

As people age, motor nerves become disconnected from the portion of muscle they control

Question 8 of 25

Negatives, also known as eccentric muscle contractions, create:

Question 9 of 25

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that helps to lift your shoulder over your head and also rotate it toward and away from your body

Question 10 of 25

According to the textbook, a person will begin to see significant changes in the way their muscles look after 6-8 weeks of training

Question 11 of 25

The barbell shrug is an exercise that develops the

Question 12 of 25

One arm dumbbell rows are designed to exercise the:

Question 13 of 25

According to your textbook, chest and shoulder exercises are:

Question 14 of 25

In cycle training, you vary the

Question 15 of 25

The goal of a training program should be to

Question 16 of 25

Barbell pullovers are good for developing:

Question 17 of 25

The triceps are the major muscle of the calves.

Question 18 of 25

According to the overload principle, lifting more weight or doing more repetitions than before will improve strength and muscle size

Question 19 of 25

Women are particularly susceptible to kneecap pain because their wider pelvis tends to draw the kneecap laterally

Question 20 of 25

Each group of repetitions is called:

Question 21 of 25

Isometrics involve:

Question 22 of 25

Adaptation to weight training works best when you:

Question 23 of 25

The bulk of evidence suggests that strength training makes muscle fibers larger (hypertrophy), not more numerous

Question 24 of 25

Your muscles have untapped elastic energy that can increase strength and add to our training gains?

Question 25 of 25

Triceps machines are excellent for isolating the abdominal muscles

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