SPAN 131 SPAN131 Quiz 2 with Answers (PENN STATE)

SPAN 131 SPAN131 Quiz 2 with Answers (PENN STATE)


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SPAN 131 SPAN131 Quiz 2 Answer (PENN STATE)

  1. Which of these countries does NOT use the “peso” as its currency? (pages 186-189)
  2. Which of these countries uses the “Nuevo Sol” (new sun) as its form of currency?
  3. “Guaraní” is a currency used in ____.
  4. Which of these countries does NOT have coffee listed as a major export?
  5. Along with Peru, which of these countries has both quechua and aymara—two indigenous languages—listed as main languages along with Spanish?
  6. Asunción is the capital of this country: ______.
  7. The capital of Chile is ____.
  8. In addition to Cuba, which of the following countries is a communist state?
  9. The main export from Puerto Rico is ____.
  10. The capital of Brazil is _____.
  11. The Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental are mountain ranges in _____.
  12. The Galápagos Islands are found off the coast of _____.
  13. The Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) are a British possession off the coast of ____.
  14. This body of water is found between Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and the northern tip of Colombia.
  15. The cowboys of the Argentinian grasslands are known as __________.
  16. The Río Grande, which forms part of the long border between the USA and Mexico, is also known by this name.
  17. According to the reading, oceangoing ships can travel more than 2,000 miles upstream into the Amazon River (that is approximately the distance between New York and Colorado).
  18. This is the world’s highest navegable lake and can be found high in the Andes between Bolivia and Peru.
  19. Chile is the world’s largest exporter of this product.
  20. Which of these cities does NOT lie along the Río de la Plata?
  21. The Amazon rain forest covers 1/3 of South America and shelters more species of plants and animals per square mile than anywhere else on earth.
  22. This is a region in Chile so arid that in some places no rainfall has ever been recorded.
  23. According to the reading, potatoes, wheat, and apples grow best in this climate zone. This helps explain why in certain countries and for some civilizations these crops have traditionally been more much important either as subsistence crops or for export.
  24. This is the name given to the dense and continuous layer of leaves that tower above some of Latin America's tropical rain forests.
  25. Using the map inset on page 206 of the PDF, match the following places with the corresponding letter on the map itself.

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