SOC 305 SOC305 Week 3 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)

SOC 305 SOC305 Week 3 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)


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SOC 305 Week 3 Quiz (Spring 2016)

  1. The author would agree that __________ factors explain criminality and victimization. 
  2. Prior to the 1970s, domestic violence was a matter to be handled 
  3. All of the following is true about adult crime victims except: 
  4. Amy admits to having tried marijuana in the 10th grade. She joins about __________ of all Americans, who have tried an illicit drug at least once by the 12th grade. 
  5. The Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) was meant to 
  6. Research analyzing the effects of domestic violence policies has shown that as a whole they have ____________. 
  7. Female inmates have higher rates of all of the following except: 
  8. The narrowing of the gender gap among criminal offenders is most likely a result of ____________. 
  9. Violent victimization of women most likely occurs by ____________. 
  10. One key difference between women’s prisons and men’s prisons is 

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