SOC 203 SOC203 Week 3 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)

SOC 203 SOC203 Week 3 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)


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SOC 203 Week 3 Quiz (NEW 2016)

  1. Women who have experienced rape or child abuse are at higher risk for revictimization.
  2. Which term indicates the likely return to crime of past criminals?
  3. According to the conflict perspective, laws are relative and change over time
  4. Which type of terrorism concerns environmental rights and responsibilities?
  5. Gun violence accounts for approximately _________________ deaths per year.
  6. ALL BUT ONE of the following types of violence occurs because of gender inequality, according to Feminist theory:
  7. Which sociological phenomenon describes the idea that women are more likely to receive shorted sentences from judges as a result of their gender?
  8. Which category is assigned to medical marijuana, regardless of state-by-state legalization practices concerning its use?
  9. Which functionalist term describes a feeling of disconnectedness from society, which can contribute to violent behavior?
  10. Which of the following is one of the ABCs of deviance?

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