SOC 203 SOC203 Week 1 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)

SOC 203 SOC203 Week 1 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)


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SOC 203 Week 1 Quiz (NEW 2016)

  1. Who are the two sociologists working to relocate homeless populations from urban centers to areas near public transportation and social services?
  2. What type of sociologist stresses a commitment to positively impacting society through sociology?
  3. Reinvestment measures described by the supply-side economics theory proved effective in strengthening America’s working conditions.
  4. Why are gender roles considered socially constructed, according to the text?
  5. ALL BUT ONE of the following developed nations has more upward mobility than the United States:
  6. According to the text, the difference between individual __________________ and a social problem depends on the societal condition reflected by the issue.
  7. Which social class lost much of its wealth as a result of the housing bubble and mortgage crisis?
  8. Class mobility decreases as inequality increases.
  9. Which of the following is NOT considered a defining factor of social stratification, according to the text?
  10. The sociological lens allows a person to see human behavior __________________ that impact society.

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