SOC 100 SOC100 Week 2 Quiz Answers (STRAYER)

SOC 100 SOC100 Week 2 Quiz Answers (STRAYER)


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SOC100 Week 2 Quiz (Strayer)

  1. A researcher finds that as income increases, square footage of respondent’s home also increases. This is an example of:
  2. A _____ relationship is one in which one variable is the cause of another variable.
  3. A researcher finds that as years spent driving increases, the number of accidents decreases. This is an example of:
  4. The idea that concepts and measurement accurately represent what they claim to represent is referred to as:
  5. ____ reasoning starts from specific data and tries to identify larger patterns from which to derive more general theories.
  6. The term used to summarize a set of phenomena is
  7. The repetition of a previous study using a different sample or population to verify or refute the original findings is referred to as:
  8. Random sampling refers to:
  9. A culture that exists together with a dominant culture but differs from it in some important respects is referred to as:
  10. The abstract creations of human cultures, including ideas about behavior and living, are referred to as:
  11. The contradiction between the goals of ideal culture and the practices of real culture is referred to as:
  12. Common rules of a culture that govern the behavior of people belonging to it are referred to as:
  13. Commitment to respecting cultural differences rather than submerging them into a larger, dominant culture is referred to as:
  14. The worldview whereby we understand the practices of another society sociologically, in terms of that society’s own norms and values and not our own, is referred to as:
  15. The physical objects created, embraced, or consumed by society that help shape peoples’ lives are referred to as:
  16. The beliefs, norms, behaviors, and products common to the members of a particular group are referred to as:

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