SC 250 SC250 Quiz 7 (Kaplan University)

SC 250 SC250 Quiz 7 (Kaplan University)


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SC 250 Quiz 7 (Kaplan University)

  1. The first solids that formed on the Earth were:
  2. Granite is a metamorphic rock.
  3. Shale is a sedimentary rock.
  4. A type of rock that is formed by intense pressure and temperature deep under the crust of the Earth is generally referred to as
  5. Energy flows in and out of Earth's systems.
  6. Periodic glaciations are caused by:
  7. Which of the following is not a variable used to describe the weather in an area?
  8. Most marble was once limestone.
  9. A rock that spends a few million years as liquid within the upper mantle before returning to the Earth’s crust to crystalllize will likely be classified as:
  10. Over long periods of time, for instance over the next 100 million years, the ocean will probably:

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