SC 250 SC250 Quiz 1 (Kaplan University)

SC 250 SC250 Quiz 1 (Kaplan University)


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SC 250 Quiz 1 (Kaplan University)

  1. If a scientist is confronted with two competing hypotheses, how does he judge which is better?
  2. If a theory has been tested extensively and seems to apply everywhere in the universe, we call it
  3. The scientific method
  4. The first step of the scientific method is to form a hypothesis.
  5. Which statement is true about the discipline of science?
  6. After repeated experiments, scientists will usually arrive at a comprehensive explanation for a problem. That explanation is called
  7. A hypothesis is
  8. The scientific method depends on:
  9. Why is mathematics the language of science?
  10. The scientific method is used every day in solving common problems. Suppose that the lights suddenly go off in your house. Which of the following is a sensible hypothesis for the lights going out?

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