PSYC 371 PSYC371 Module 8 Test 5 (Liberty University)

PSYC 371 PSYC371 Module 8 Test 5 (Liberty University)


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PSYC 371 Module 8 Test 5

  1. Who was the first person of the modern era to do family therapy?
  2. What is the technique in family therapy that casts a new light on a problem and provides a different interpretation for a problematic situation?
  3. Narrative therapists pay attention to "sparkling events." These are
  4. What lens raises questions such as: How does a typical day go? Are there processes and patterns that characterize current or past transitions for the family? What routines support your daily living?
  5. The therapy goals of promoting growth, self-esteem, connection, and helping family members achieve congruent communication and interaction is most associated with which theory of family therapy?
  6. From the perspective of feminist therapy, the socialization of women inevitably affects their:
  7. Differentiation of self is the cornerstone of which theory?
  8. Which of the following statements about family therapy is false?
  9. A defining theme in the practice of feminist therapy is:
  10. Which of the following statements about creating alternative stories is not true?
  11. All of the following are phases of the multilayred approach to family systems therapy except for:
  12. Problem descriptions and goal identification, typical day, and the child interview and goal disclosure are techniques used in:
  13. A major contribution of Whitaker's approach to family therapy is
  14. The founder of Nouthetic counseling is
  15. Which of the following interventions is least likely to be used by a narrative therapist?
  16. Of the following, which intervention would a feminist therapist probably consider most essential?
  17. A technique whereby the counselor changes the perspective on looking at an individual's behavior, shifting from an intrapersonal to an interpersonal definition of a client's problem is:
  18. Which answer below isĀ notĀ one of the three levels of longing listed by Crabb/Cognitive Biblical Counseling?
  19. Of the following, which is one of the major contributions that feminists have made to the field of counseling?
  20. Which of the following techniques is a strategic family therapist least likely to use?
  21. A feminist therapist is likely to become an advocate for change in the social structure by arguing for:
  22. Isn't the Bible sufficient to meet all human needs?
  23. Which of the following is true of narrative therapy and solution-focused therapy?
  24. Structural family therapy includes all of the following goals except for bringing about structural change by:
  25. Which of the following interventions involves a shift from "blaming the victim" to consideration of social factors in the environment that contribute to a client's problem?
  26. The techniques of externalization and developing unique events are associated primarily with:
  27. The central goal of __________ is to resolve a family's presenting problem (or symptoms) by focusing on changing its current behavioral sequences.
  28. When finding truth outside of Scripture, which statement isĀ notĀ one of the ones presented?
  29. Crabb's approach to counseling uses the Bible and __________ style therapy
  30. Adams feels that the only proper preparation for counseling is training in
  31. A tool for collecting and organizing key turning points in a three-generational extended family is a
  32. The goals of Nouthetic counseling are stated to be the same as the goals of
  33. Family atmosphere, family constellation, and mistaken goals are key concepts of:
  34. All of the following are goals of feminist therapy except for:
  35. Which statement(s) is (are) ture regarrding God's truth?
  36. Two of the major founders of solution-focused brief therapy are
  37. Adams feels that secular Psychology should be
  38. Feminist therapists, regardless of their philosophical orientation, believe all of the following except that:
  39. Who is the family therapist who made most use of innovative interventions such as metaphor, reframing, rules for interaction, parts party, family reconstructions, family sculpting, communication stances, family life-fact chronologies, and family maps?
  40. The constructs of feminist theory, in contrast to traditional theories, include all of the following except for which characteristic?
  41. A major strength of both solution-focused and narrative therapies is the
  42. The meaning of "Nouthetic" in the Greek means
  43. Two of the major founders of narrative therapy are
  44. The concept in which the individual's personal problems have social and political causes refers to:
  45. Alfred Adler was the first to notice that the development of children within family constellations was heavily influenced by:
  46. The founder of Cognitive Biblical Counseling is
  47. Counseling by Exhortation involves
  48. Differentiation of self is the cornerstone of which theory?
  49. Of the following, a major goal of narrative therapy is to
  50. Which approach would be most interested in the appropriateness of hierarchical structure in the family?

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