PSYC 360 PSYC360 Week 4 Quiz Answers (APUS)

PSYC 360 PSYC360 Week 4 Quiz Answers (APUS)


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PSYC 360 Week 4 Quiz (APUS)

Question 1 of 10 According to Reich (1998), the phrase "manifesation of suicidal behavior" refers to _________.

Question 2 of 10 Which statement below is not true?

Question 3 of 10 According to Reich (1998) which below may encourage suicidal behavior?

Question 4 of 10 The case of group suicide in which 960 men women and children died is an example of the phenomenon of _________. 

Question 5 of 10 In Chapter 10 of Reich (1998) the author reports which of the following about suicide attacks occuring during the early to mid-1980s.

Question 6 of 10 In Chapter 3, pages 68 - 81, of Osama (2004), Jonathan Randal builds a case for which below about the 1980s Soviet-Afhanistan war? 

Question 7 of 10 Which of the actions below was not identified by Randal (2004) as "stirring up" Muslims in the Middle East?

Question 8 of 10 According to Jaber (1999) _________ marked the debut of a new style of warfare, the human bomb

Question 9 of 10 Which is true about the practice of jihad?

Question 10 of 10 According to Hezbollah, its use of human bombs is ________ 

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