PSYC 360 PSYC360 Week 3 Quiz Answers (APUS)

PSYC 360 PSYC360 Week 3 Quiz Answers (APUS)


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PSYC 360 Week 3 Quiz (APUS)

  1. All are characteristics of West German terrorists except _________.
  2. The concept of being a perpetrator of "structural violence" is linked to _________.
  3. According to Kellen in Reich (1998), Meihnhof, a West German terrorist who committed suicide did so because ___________.
  4. Which statement below is true?
  5. The concept of the terrorist "fantasy war" ___________.
  6. Which has not be associated with getting terrorists to terminate their connection to terrorism?
  7. The process of "delegitimation" of established society__________.
  8. Which is the stage through which ideological terrorism is formed in groups such as "The Weatherman"?
  9. Depersonalizatoin and dehumanization is identified as occurring during the ________ stage?
  10. ________ occurs in defense of a group's threatened resources

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