PSYC 354 PSYC354 Module 8 Exam 4 (Liberty University)

PSYC 354 PSYC354 Module 8 Exam 4 (Liberty University)


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PSYC 354 Module 8 Exam 4

The confidence interval is centered around the 

The larger the effect size, the:

Candidate #2 received 32% of the votes and candidate #3 received 14% of the votes, with a margin of error of 6%. What does this information tell us about the popularity of these candidates? 

Which of the following reports of statistical results are in appropriate APA format? 

We can increase statistical power with each of the following except: 

Measures of effect size:

If a confidence interval of [212, 296] is centered around a mean of 254, what is the margin of error? 

Alpha refers to:

The numerator (top portion) of the ratio for calculating all the t statistics contains: 

It is known that the population mean for the verbal section of the SAT is 500 with a standard deviation of 100. In 2006, a sample of 400 students whose family income was between $70,000 and $80,000 had an average verbal SAT score of 511. The point estimate of the mean for this group is ________ and the 95% confidence interval for this group is ______ 

According to the textbook, a(n) ________ has more statistical power; however, a ________ is more conservative. 

A researcher collects 15 data points that yield a mean of 9.164 and a standard deviation (based on N – 1) of 2.377. What is the standard error for the distribution of means? 

A negatively skewed distribution would most likely violate which assumption? 

Performing an analysis with G*Power beforehand is called ___________, while doing the same analysis after-the-fact is called _____________. 

If the standard deviation for a population, as estimated from a sample, is s = 10.23, then the 

According to Cohen's convention, a value of ________ is a small effect size. 

Hypothesis testing tells us: 

Cohen's d is one measure of: 

Our ability to reject the null hypothesis given that the null hypothesis is false is: 

Hypothesis testing alone may oversimplify results. All but one of the following is a way to enhance our analysis: 

Why do we divide by N – 1 rather than by N when estimating a population standard deviation 

A high degree of overlap between two distributions of approximately 95% is most likely to 

If a researcher performs a meta-analysis and finds that the mean d = 0.11, and that the 95% 

The statement “The findings based on a sample of 1000 participants were statistically significant, providing evidence for our hypothesis” would be strengthened by: 

Before hypothesis testing and at the beginning of a study, a researcher is advised to conduct a(n) ________ because it _______ 

When scientists call a hypothesis test conservative, they mean that it is: 

Michelle is a cognitive psychologist studying reading times for stories that contain either consistent or inconsistent information. She runs 38 people through her study and concludes that reading times slow when coherence breaks occur in a story. Specifically, she concludes reading times slow by 6.9 milliseconds on average. Michelle's prediction is a(n): 

The practical use of statistical power is that it informs you the researcher: 

If your sample mean is 56.2, with an upper limit to your confidence interval of 59.94, what is the lower limit? 

Increasing sample size:

That a results is statistically significant does not mean that it is 

For the single-sample t test, the confidence interval is centered around the: 

When we report that something is statistically significant, it means that

Increasing sample size:

A student has a z score of .76 and wants to know her raw score. The distribution of raw scores has a mean of 12 and a standard deviation of 3. What is the student’s raw score? 

Using a normal curve table, if a person has a music aptitude score of 41, which equals a Z score of 1.3, the percentage of people having a higher score is 

The percentile rank for a z score of -2.1 is 

Using the percentage approximations for the normal curve, the percentage of scores between the mean and one standard deviation 

Using the following information, convert the z score to a raw score: z = -2.3, mu = 15.5, 

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