PSYC 305 PSYC305 Midterm Answers (DeVry)

PSYC 305 PSYC305 Midterm Answers (DeVry)


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PSYC 305 Midterm Answers (DeVry)

  1. (TCO 2) Almost always listed as important for leadership success is/are ____.
  2. (TCO 2) Transformational leaders use _____ and _____ to raise the performance of followers.
  3. (TCO 2) Concern for others requires _____ and ____, and the result is ____, which is the foundation of ____.
  4. (TCO 2) ____, ____, and _____ are traits found in charismatic leaders.
  5. (TCO 2) In ____, Stuart Levine and Michael Crom write about building trust in the workplace. His prescription includes ____, ____, and ____.
  6. (TCO 2) Different kinds of intelligence include all of the following except:
  7. (TCO 2) Increasingly, the American workplace is becoming ____, ____, and ____.
  8. (TCO 2) _____ describes how difficult the leader's job can be: "Since no important decision ever pleases everyone in an organization, the leader must also absorb the displeasure, and sometimes the severe hostility, of those who would have taken a different course."
  9. (TCO 2) A transformational leader does all but which of the following:
  10. (TCO 2) Situational factors that influence the leadership process include:
  11. (TCO 5) The leadership philosophy behind quality improvement efforts is both ____, based on ____, and ____, concerned with ____.
  12. (TCO 2) All of the following are important qualities of leadership except:
  13. (TCO 2) The cornerstone of Shackleton's leadership behavior included all but one of the following:
  14. (TCO 3) A leader's use of _____ and _____ is effective only for a short period of time.
  15. (TCO 3) A _____ report identifies signs of the need for employee participation including ____, ____, ____.
  16. (TCO 5) Total Quality Management (TQM) is a cooperative form of _____ that energizes employees and tears down walls.
  17. (TCO 3) The servant leader shows commitment to his or her people through all of the following except ____.
  18. (TCO 3) Through _____ and ____, the older community passes on ethics to young people.
  19. (TCO 5) An employee concerned primarily with the seniority system, insurance plan, and retirement policy is motivated by:
  20. (TCO 5) Survival needs that motivate behavior include all of the following except:
  21. (TCO 5) The highest need possible is:
  22. (TCO 3) In the years since World War II, the American workplace has become more:
  23. (TCO 5) Characteristics of the self-fulfilled person include:
  24. (TCO 5) The nature of one's work is particularly critical in satisfying _____ needs.
  25. (TCO 1) Daniel Goleman explains that although _____ are important for effective leadership, _____ is essential.
  26. (TCO 5) The importance of motivation is suggested by findings that most people believe they could give as much as _____ to _____ percent more effort at work than they now do with no one, including their own supervisors, recognizing any difference; and they also believe they could give _____ to _____ percent less effort with no one noticing any difference.
  27. (TCO 5) How to keep morale high in the leadership ranks includes:
  28. (TCO 5) If more than _______ percent of your job is painful, there is a morale problem.
  29. (TCO 5) All of the following are included in Robert Cole's principles that empower people except:
  30. (TCO 5) Robert Cole identifies leadership principles that empower people, including all but one of the following:

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