PSY 326 PSY326 Week 2 Quiz Answers (2019) - Ashford

PSY 326 PSY326 Week 2 Quiz Answers (2019) - Ashford


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Ashford PSY 326 Week 2 Quiz Answers - 2019

  1. A researcher uses observation of children and their parents in a busy fast food restaurant to count the number of times certain behaviors occur within a one hourperiod. This research is _____.
  2. An educational researcher wants to find out if the amount of homework assigned to middle school students affects the students’ level of academic self-efficacy. Several schools are selected and invited to participate. In each school, participating classes are randomly assigned to receive either three hours of homework on weeknights or less than one hour of homework each night for the duration of the study. Self-efficacy of the students in the two groups of classes is measured and compared. This research is _____.
  3. A research question is a declarative statement which can be tested to determine the probability of it being true or false.
  4. A research approach that uses words or images as data instead of numbers is called _____.
  5. Descriptive research and correlational research are in the non-experimental category, therefore studies using these designs should not be called experiments.
  6. A research approach that uses measurement, variables, and statistical analysis is called _____.
  7. A researcher does a small number of individual interviews to get an in-depth description of the participant’s firsthand experience with the phenomenon being studied. This research is _____.
  8. Qualitative studies tend to have larger sample sizes than quantitative studies.
  9. A research approach that can explain a cause and effect relationship between variables, and is characterized by manipulation of an independent variable, random assignment of participants to groups or conditions, and control of unwanted variables is called _____.
  10. In quantitative research, the hypothesis to be tested must be specified before data collection begins.

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