PSY 202 PSY202 Week 4 Quiz Answers

PSY 202 PSY202 Week 4 Quiz Answers


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PSY 202 Week 4 Quiz

  1. According to a study of unemployment rates between 2007 and 2012, the unemployment rate of which demographic group did not exceed 6.3%?
  2. With respect to employment preparation, which of the following factors breeds both intrapersonal and material success?
  3. True or False? One weakness of Holland’s theory is that the theory disregards differences in career interest that are related to a person's developmental level. For example, there can be a substantial fluctuation in vocational interests between ages 30 and 40. Or an artistic career may not be a good career while a person is a young head of household.
  4. Suzie loves interacting with people. She is excited about her new career with Kentucky's Department of Travel and Tourism. Based on her personality, Suzie is a representation of which vocational type in Holland’s vocational development theory?
  5. Holland analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of __ types of vocational interests in order to help people optimize career satisfaction.
  6. Maria’s job as a social worker makes her feel good. She gets a real sense of accomplishment helping others and truly believes her work has a meaningful purpose related to its positive impact on others. According to the article "The Four Intrinsic Rewards That Drive Employee Engagement" (Thomas, 2009), Maria is experiencing a(n) …
  7. Rafael is a top sales director for his company. He is skilled at persuading and influencing people and he is a great manager who values projects that emphasize energy, ambition, competition, and social interaction. Rafael is most closely aligned with which of Holland’s six basic vocational types?
  8. After working in the same industry for over 30 years, John was recently laid off. As he sat waiting for an interview with a potential employer, he realized that he was the oldest candidate in the room. For the best chance of being hired, John should promote himself as being …
  9. Dr. Johns loves working with people, finding relief for the pets at his veterinary clinic, and solving problems. These ________ factors serve to enhance his identity and self-esteem.
  10. Kelly is an enthusiastic employee who likes to volunteer to organize the potlucks and company picnics at work. Her supervisor and department manager have noticed this and always let Kelly know when there are opportunities to get involved. According to the article by George Root, on, can this interaction between Kelly and her managers have an effect on her level of job satisfaction with the company? True or False?
  11. Nicole is a full-time employee and mother who enjoys volunteering with local charities. She has decided to return to college to complete her undergraduate degree. She knows this decision will significantly alter her lifestyle and she will encounter obstacles—for example, learning to read textbooks and managing her time effectively. To be successful, Nicole should view such barriers as
  12. The customer service level within all the departments at the DOC manufacturing company is consistently high. Mark, the lead warehouse employee, is focused on fulfilling customer orders while Michelle keeps the office clean and operational. Dylan makes sure that each customer is taken care of without delay. According to the article by George Root, on, this efficient performance of job duties is a reflection of _____ among the entire staff.
  13. Aaron is a 21-year-old recent college graduate entering the workforce. As he interviews for various jobs, he notices a large amount of middle-aged workers at each company. Aaron is under the assumption that he is having a difficult time entering the workforce because the older workers are taking up the finite number of jobs available. Aaron's assumption is:
  14. Which of the following career groups most closely match Holland’s Artistic vocational type?
  15. John Holland’s vocational development theory …

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