PSY 202 PSY202 Week 3 Quiz Answers

PSY 202 PSY202 Week 3 Quiz Answers


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PSY 202 Week 3 Quiz

  1. True or False? Based on your learning from this week’s Mindsets
    YouTube video (2011), an example of fixed mindset about intelligence would be if a teacher sat her students in a classroom according to IQ.
  2. Latoya has been pursuing her psychology degrees for six years. After this year she hopes to finally have her master’s degree in hand, so she can start working in her field. Latoya wants to use what she has learned about how people communicate—including any possible hidden meanings behind their words and any use of nonverbal communication. Howard Gardner would say Latoya has developed what type of intelligence?
  3. It is the first day that Max has had access to the classroom for his first online course. He reviews the list of readings and the list of required tasks on the course calendar. He is overwhelmed when he sees the challenge: This course will take more time than he thought and he works full-time to support his family. He tells himself that he does have the ability to manage his time well enough to pass the course, though. So he talks with his children about doing a few more chores and uses a planner to block out his study hours. He contacts the Writing Center to get help with writing his first week's discussion post. Based on your learning from this week’s Mindsets YouTube video (2011), Max has a ____________________ mindset.
  4. True or False?  A person’s early attachment style can have an effect on how they deal with conflicts in adult relationships later on, as well as dependency and anxiety surrounding those relationships.
  5. Each of the following is considered to be one of the Big Five personality traits EXCEPT:
  6. Descriptors that come after the words "I am . . . " refer to an image that we construct about ourselves. That image can include characteristics from the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial domains of development. Such an image about ourselves is called:
  7. Stephanie is asked by her teacher to draw a picture of her family. The first thing Stephanie says to herself is, “I have never been able to draw, and my mother can’t draw either. This is not going to happen!” According to Marina Krakovsky's 2007 article about Carol Dweck's research, Stephanie is displaying a ________________mind-set about learning.
  8. Harvey has been married for 15 years and has three children.  He has been working in his career for about the same length of time.  He has found that he is at a point in his life where he is not sure of his self-identity and he feels that he is no longer young, but not quite old either.  This period of transition that Harvey is experiencing is called:
  9. The textbook lists intelligence types explained in Howard Gardner's book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Based on this list of eight different types of intelligences, which is NOT a type of intelligence:
  10. Jules has been a dancer and an athlete since she was in elementary school.  As an adult, she is pursuing a degree with hopes of eventually becoming a physical therapist.  According to Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, Jules likely exhibits a strength in which type of intelligence?
  11. At the end of his first year at Ashford, Bob met with his academic advisor to go over his credits and grades. Bob failed his math course. He said to his advisor, “A math class is required to graduate. If I failed the class, that means I'm not intelligent enough to earn a college degree.” His advisor replied, “There are definitely areas that seem to be difficult for you. Maybe you should reconsider taking classes online.” According to Marina Krakovsky's 2007 article about Carol Dweck's research, and the 2011 YouTube Mindsets video, Bob and his advisor are demonstrating what?
  12. Daniel Levinson developed a theory that has been shown not to be fully true, but which does hold value because it shows that adults continue to develop in stages throughout their adulthood. That theory is popularly known as the:
  13. _______________ is an evaluation of self that refers to how capable and significant a person feels about him- or herself overall. This evaluation contributes to a number of development areas.
  14. _______________ proposed a theory of multiple intelligences.
  15. Greg has been described by his friends as disciplined, responsible, organized, and dependable.  According to the Big Five personality traits, it is likely that Greg would exhibit a higher score on the following trait:

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