PSY 202 PSY202 Week 2 Quiz Answers

PSY 202 PSY202 Week 2 Quiz Answers


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PSY 202 Week 2 Quiz

  1. Rica is absolutely terrified of spiders. When there is a spider in her house, even if it is not poisonous, she feels so scared that she is unable to continue with any task she was doing when the spider appeared. Rica becomes so distressed that if she is at home alone, she will leave the house until her husband can come home and remove the spider. Rica is probably dealing with __________
  2. Daniel deals with a high level of stress. He smokes and has poor eating habits. Last year he was diagnosed with heart disease but he does not take his medications because they are expensive and he doesn’t have medical insurance. Worry over his health is increasing his stress and he cannot afford to use social resources like taking an exercise class or working out in a gym. Daniel’s situation is probably associated with his:
  3. Susan is a 3rd-grade teacher.  While she enjoys her job, she finds it very stressful due to budget cuts and an unsupportive administration.  Furthermore, she is a single mother and has two children in high school, both of whom are struggling in school.  There are many days in which Susan feels extremely overwhelmed and frustrated.  However, she has learned that it has been helpful for her to try to change her negative thoughts into positive ones.  She repeats certain mantras to herself and focuses on positive feelings.  Susan is using __________ to cope with stress.
  4. Janice recently visited her doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Her doctor also let her know that she is overweight and that she should try to lose weight to prevent further health complications.  Janice knows that some of this is due to stress, so she tells herself that she will actively try to figure out a way to lower her stress levels.  Janice should try:
  5. David is somewhat afraid of flying. When he is required to travel on business, he prefers to take a train or drive if the distance is short enough that he can arrive on schedule. However, if the distance is long and driving does not make sense, he will fly because he does not want his fear to interfere with his function as an employee. David is suffering from a phobia. True or False?
  6. Lyle is a retail store manager. Over the past two years he has been stressed by his lack of control over his store's operations. Sales are down and employees are dissatisfied as a result of decisions made by area managers. There is not much about his job that Lyle can be proud of and he worries about how he will look at his next job review. He finds it difficult to forget the job at the end of the day. The danger that this stress will affect Lyle’s body is significant. True or False?
  7. Shanell is a 16-year-old girl who has no friends. Shanell considers herself to be unattractive, so she does not like to look at herself. She also thinks she is an inadequate daughter. Overall, Shanell is experiencing:
  8. Kayla works full-time, is married, and has three young children, age 10 and under.  She has also recently started working on her business degree with an online program.  It is 8:00 in the evening; she is trying to get her children ready for bed, the kitchen cleaned up after dinner, and lunches started for the next day.  She also has an assignment due at midnight that she has not yet started. She notices that she has a very bad headache and that her muscles are quite tense.  She also feels a bit dizzy, and she has recently noticed that she has been overeating and therefore gaining weight.  Kayla is likely suffering from:
  9. Tom is a marketing executive.  He is also a student, working on his degree through an online program, a husband of 15 years, and a father of three.  One morning, while his family is getting ready for the day, he gets in his car to leave, only to find that it won’t start.  His wife takes him to work, and once he arrives, he is told by his boss that he will need to prepare a presentation for the next day.  Additionally, he has a final paper due that same day.  Suddenly, he begins to feel a headache and he is craving chocolate.  Tom’s body is telling him that he is experiencing:
  10. Mike has not taken any college classes for 10 years.  He has recently returned to school and feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that is required, as well as trying to balance his full-time job and family with his school expectations.  Despite his struggles, he is confident in his ability to be successful as a student, which contributes to his determination to reach his goals.  Mike’s assessment of his own ability to reach his goals can also be called his:
  11. Steven has just turned 21. Last night he went out with friends, and he drank 21 shots of alcohol to celebrate. He missed class the next day and doesn’t remember the events of the night before. The most specific term for Steven's action is:
  12. True or False? Exercise not only reduces the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes, but it also improves overall mental health, reduces stress and depression, and increases happiness.
  13. Janet considers herself to be a caring mother, a loving wife, a dedicated student, and a skilled cook. She is basically okay with these attributes. When Janet evaluates her overall self-concept like this, she is contributing to her:
  14. Tonya has been told by her doctor that she has high blood pressure and is at risk of diabetes. Her doctor recommends that she lose weight. In order for her to do so, Tonya plans to try to improve her eating habits. When she goes out to eat with her friends, she reminds herself not to eat the warm bread placed on the table while they await their meals. She wants to save the calories for the meal itself. Tonya is practicing:
  15. Self-concept refers to ________

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