PS 124 PS124 Unit 6 Exam (Kaplan)

PS 124 PS124 Unit 6 Exam (Kaplan)


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PS 124 Unit 6 Exam (Kaplan)

  1. Cognition refers to
  2. Women are more likely than men to
  3. Early psychologists such as Wilhelm Wundt and William James focused on the study of
  4. Schizophrenia is most likely to be characterized by
  5. Which of the following is the best description of behavior modification?
  6. Developmental psychologists study physical, cognitive, and ________ changes throughout the human life span.
  7. Gender identity refers to
  8. The assumption that thoughts intervene between events and our emotional reactions is most clearly central to
  9. Systematic desensitization is a form of ________, which is a type of ________.
  10. Object permanence is the understanding that
  11. For the last month, Gabrielle has felt lethargic and has been unable to get out of bed in the morning. She has withdrawn from friends and family because she feels worthless and unlovable. Gabrielle is most likely suffering from
  12. A therapist who takes an eclectic approach is one who
  13. A gender role refers to
  14. A token economy represents an application of the principles of
  15. Projective tests are most closely associated with ________ theories.
  16. Self-efficacy refers to the experience of one's own
  17. Men and women are most likely to differ in their
  18. Relaxing one muscle group after another until one achieves a completely relaxed state of comfort is called ________ relaxation.
  19. Which theorist emphasized that an individual's personal growth is promoted by interactions with others who are genuine, accepting, and empathic?
  20. The process by which our sensory systems transform stimulus energies into neural impulses is called
  21. Evidence suggests that we consolidate our memories of recent life events through
  22. The medical model of psychologically disordered behavior is most likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of
  23. Persistent exclusion from peer social relationships is most likely to increase teens' risk for
  24. The young science of psychology developed from the more established fields of philosophy and
  25. Helping people gain insight into the unconscious origins of their disorder is a central aim of
  26. Compared with females, males use conversation to
  27. Compared with the general population, those who have suffered ________ have at least five times greater risk of suicide.
  28. Significant dysfunction in a person's thoughts, feelings, or behaviors is most clearly an indication of
  29. The treatment of serious psychological disorders with prescribed medications or medical procedures that directly influence the nervous system is called
  30. Circadian rhythm refers to
  31. Which of the following terms refers to the socially constructed roles and characteristics by which a culture defines male and female?
  32. One of the three major concerns of developmental psychology involves a focus on
  33. The repeated self-harming consumption of a psychoactive drug is an indication of
  34. APA's diagnostic manual is used for several purposes, including
  35. Instead of focusing on unconscious and repressed thoughts and impulses, ________ therapies focus on conscious thoughts and self-perceptions
  36. Transference refers to a client's
  37. Alcohol consumption is likely to ________ attention to an arousing provocation and ________ attention to normal inhibitions.
  38. According to the medical model, psychological disorders are
  39. Most combat-stressed soldiers do not later exhibit PTSD. This best illustrates survivor
  40. Which of the following represents the very first of three steps basic to all sensory systems?
  41. Personality is fruitfully studied at multiple levels of analysis because people are best understood as
  42. In which form of therapy is unwanted behavior systematically associated with unpleasant experiences?
  43. Cognitive changes that accompany depression include a(n.
  44. The cognitive perspective in psychology focuses on how
  45. Sensory adaptation refers to
  46. Some psychologists believe that due partly to a broader definition of trauma, mental health professionals have been overdiagnosing
  47. The heart begins to beat during the ________ period of prenatal development.
  48. Incapacitating efforts to avoid specific anxiety-producing situations is most indicative of certain
  49. The importance of unconscious conflicts and childhood experiences is of most central importance to
  50. The nature–nurture issue refers to the debate over the relative contributions that ________ make to the development of psychological traits.

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