PS 124 PS124 Unit 3 Exam (Kaplan)

PS 124 PS124 Unit 3 Exam (Kaplan)


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PS 124 Unit 3 Exam

  1. What are some main functions of the cerebral cortex, the more advanced part of the human brain?
  2. What part of the brain is believed to be linked to the initial rewards center, deriving pleasures linked to animal survival, as well as possible involvement in addictive behaviors?
  3. What is the neuron fiber that carries messages to other neurons?
  4. What is the lower brain structure that governs arousal?
  5. Describe the role of the sympathetic nervous system
  6. What is the most influential endocrine gland, also known as the master gland?
  7. Identify the functional divisions of the nervous system
  8. What is an important brain change going on during adolescence?
  9. Describe the role of the autonomic nervous system
  10. Describe the type of brain development going on from infancy to age 3.
  11. The neuron’s response to stimulation is an all-or-none response, meaning that the intensity of the stimulus determines what?
  12. A cat’s ferocious response to electrical brain stimulation would lead you to suppose the electrode had touched what area?
  13. Define the role of neurotransmitters
  14. How do neurons transmit information? 
  15. What are neurons?
  16. What is the tiny space between the axon of a sending neuron and the dendrite or cell body of a receiving neuron?
  17. Damage to the brain’s right hemi sphere is most likely to reduce what ability in a person?
  18. This area of the brain receives information from sensory neurons and routes it to the higher brain regions that control the senses. This area acts as a switchboard and is called what?
  19. What are the functions of the older brain structures?
  20. What neural structure  most directly regulates eating, drinking, and body temperature?

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