PHSC 210 PHSC210 Quiz 6 Answers (LIBERTY)

PHSC 210 PHSC210 Quiz 6 Answers (LIBERTY)


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PHSC 210 Quiz 6 (LIBERTY)

1)         The daily tidal range is Greatest during ____________ tide.

2)         Thermohaline circulation is driven by differences in _______ and _______.

3)         The energy that drives surface ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream comes from ______.

4)         A flat, foreshore area cut in rock at the base of a wave-cut cliff is called a _______.

5)         Which of the following is listed properly in size order from smallest to largest?

6)         The fright, length, and period of an ocean depend upon ________.

7)         A poleward-moving ocean current is ________.

8)         A sand bar that completely crosses a bay, sealing it off from the open ocean is a ________.

9)         _______ is the glacial zone found at higher elevations where annual snowfall is greater than annual snow loss through melting, sublimation, etc.

10)         You are a geological engineer called to help stabilize the coastline along Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hotel owners are upset that their beach sand is “being carried away by the ocean.” What may be a possible solution to the problem?

11)         The surf zone is found where the water depth is ______ the wavelength.

12)         Which is the following is designed to prevent or retard shoreline erosion?

13)         The movement of water within the surf zone that parallels the shore is termed _______.

14)         A _______ cross-valley profile is typical of canyons and valleys eroded and deepened by alpine or valley glaciers.

15)         Glaciers and deserts together cover about ____ percent of earth’s land surface.

16)         Which of the following tidal patters is characterized by a single high tide and single low tide per day?

17)         Because of the Coriolis effect, surface ocean currents are deflected to the ______ of their path of motion in the Southern Hemisphere.

1)8         Horseshoe-shaped sand dunes with tips pointing downwind are known as _____ dunes.

19)         The loose material that makes up the desert floor is called desert flooring.

20)         Rip currents are slow-moving and generally lack much strength.

21)         The coastline is a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

22)         Ohio shows no signs of glacial activity in its geologic history.

23)         When the sun, moon, and earth are oriented in a straight line, a spring tide occurs.

24)         Describe the difference between an emerging coastline and a submerging coastline. Your answer should be at least one paragraph in length.

25)         Describe two ways/reasons deserts form. Your answer should be at least one paragraph in length

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