PHSC 210 PHSC210 Quiz 5 Answers (LIBERTY)

PHSC 210 PHSC210 Quiz 5 Answers (LIBERTY)


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PHSC 210 Quiz 5 (LIBERTY)

1)         The ability of water to move through a rock or sediment is referred to as ___________.

2)         Which of the following is a rapid flow?

3)         _________ describes the ability of a stream to carry load.

4)         Of the earth’s freshwater, roughly ______ percent is groundwater.

5)         The natural process by which laege rocks are broken into smaller pieces is called ______.

5)         Which soil hoeizon conrauns the most organic matter?

6)         You are a field geologist, and you come upon a granite rock that is highly rounded and smooth. You realize that this roundedness occurred because natural processes. In your field notebool, what natureal process would you say caused this rounding?

7)         __________ come together to make a larger river, whereas __________ split apart to make smaller rivers or streams.

8)         __________ weathering occurs via chemical reactions and, often, dissolution in water.

9)         The water cycle consists of which of the following steps?

10)         Stalatites and stalagmites can eventually grow together to form __________.

11)         Which of the following factors contribute to mass wasting?

12)         What is loam?

13)         The mechanical weathering process where water gets in the cracks of a rock and freezes, thus forcing the crack to widen, is known as __________.

14)         When one rock type weathers faster or slower than another rock type, this is known as __________ weathering.

15)         A __________ is the icicle-like speleothem that grows from the roof of a cavern.

16)         In a steam meander, the __________ is on the outside or the meander, and the ________ is on the inside of the meander.

17)         Which of the following is a type of stream?

18)         Solifluction happens in artic regions.

19)         Earthquakes can cause mass wasting events to occur.

20)         Levees form naturally along the banks of a river.

21)         Carbonic acid plays a big role in chemical weathering.

22)         Glaciers make up a small amount of the earth’s freshwater.

23)         Describe the process of geyser eruption. This is what happens to cause a geyser, like Old Faithful, to erupt? Your answer must be at least one paragraph in length.

24)         Name and describe the five different soil horizons. Your answer must be at least one paragraph in length.

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