Phoenix QNT 565 QNT565 Final Exam Answers (New 2016)

Phoenix QNT 565 QNT565 Final Exam Answers (New 2016)


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QNT 565 Final Exam (PHOENIX)

1. Which of the following questions is considered when discussing the management dilemma?

2. The fundamental weakness in the research process is: 

3. Which of the following is an example of findings nondisclosure? 

4. The right of interviewers, surveyors, experimenters, observers, and participants to be protected from threat of physical or psychological harm is the right to:

5. BankChoice is concerned about stagnating profits and asks, "How can profitability be improved?" This is an example of: 

6. Which of the following is true of quantitative research? 

7. Qualitative methods that encourage participants to reveal hidden or suppressed attitudes, ideas, emotions, and motives are called _____ techniques. 

8. American Airlines is conducting a qualitative study on preferences of business travelers who fly frequently. Before inviting an individual to participate, the researcher on the project wants to ensure that all participants travel for business more than pleasure and meet the American Airlines' definition of frequent flier. What is the best way for the researcher to ensure that participants will meet these criteria? 

9. InZone Research will survey fans attending one of the Final Four games to assess preferences for pricing and products offered at concession stands. What type of study is this an example of? 

10. Jack is participating in a research study. The interviewer asks Jack to say the first word that comes to mind when he hears a product's benefits. What type of projective technique is this an example of? 

11. What type of data is produced by constant-sum scales? 

12. Which of the following types of data are collected using a classification question? 

13. A survey of preferences among frequent air travelers will be conducted at airports nationwide. Prior to asking target questions regarding respondent preferences, which of the following should occur? 

14. Which type of nonprobability sampling technique involves choosing participants arbitrarily for their unique characteristics, experiences, attitudes, or perceptions? 

15. Which term below refers to a controlled procedure that assures that each population element is given a known nonzero chance of selection into the sample? 

16. If the mean and median of a population are the same, then its distribution is: 

17. Which is a correct statement concerning the median? 

18. The median of 600, 800, 1000, 1200 is: 

19. The _____ is a measure of the association between two variables after controlling or adjusting for the effects of one or more additional variables.

20. What does r2 measure? 

21. _____ tests are hypothesis testing procedures that assume that the variables of interest are measured on at least an interval scale.

22. A statistical technique that describes two or more variables simultaneously and results in tables that reflect the joint distribution of two or more variables that have a limited number of categories or distinct values is: 

23. The hypothesis that the number of hours worked is related to student grade point average is a _____ hypothesis.

24. Which of the following best explains how the F ratio examines differences among groups? 

25. ANOVA can be used as a parametric test of: 

26. A readability analysis of a research report scored a 10 on Gunning's Fog Index. Which of the following statements is the best interpretation of this score? 

27. Three randomly-chosen Colorado students were asked how many times they went rock climbing last month. Their replies were 5, 6, and 7. The coefficient of variation is:

28. Nasta Corporation conducted a foreign language survey among college students at 5 public universities. Results showed a significant relationship between language proficiency and magazine readership. Based on this finding, Nasta Corporation can make which recommendation to university officials?

29. The Human Resources Department at Trident Corporation conducted a job satisfaction survey among its employees. Results show a significant negative relationship between job satisfaction and pay category. Human Resources should recommend what action to management?

30. A team of MBA student examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls. One hundred and twenty vehicles were examined at each location. Results show a significant relation between vehicle type and mall location. The team should include which recommendation in the research report?

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