PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 6 (Liberty University)

PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 6 (Liberty University)


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PHIL 201 Quiz 6

  1. Fideism claims that _______ is the precondition for any correct thinking about religion.
  2. _______ theology is where the theologian attempts to say what can be known about God or things divine, without committing to a specific religion.
  3. What view holds that genuine religious knowledge must consist of truths that are known with absolute certainty?
  4. Weak foundationalism claims that some of our knowledge is fallible and subject to revision.
  5. Philosophy of religion is a critical reflection on ________ beliefs.
  6. Some theists teach that God is _________, meaning that God is unchangeable.
  7. Which of the following are characteristics of the theistic conception of God?
  8. Naturalism entails ________ because the naturalist does not believe in anything divine or supernatural beyond nature.
  9. Which solution to the divine foreknowledge versus human freedom problem claims that God possessed some knowledge prior to creation that he used to decide how to create the world?
  10. An argument is _____________ whenever the conclusion must be true if the premises are true.
  11. The atheist must argue more than the possibility that God does not exist in order to overcome the ontological argument.
  12. Which view interprets moral obligations in terms of social approval and disapproval?
  13. A divine command theory cannot account for individual obligations.
  14. Since God is the greatest possible being, it is impossible for God to exist only in the understanding of the fool. Who argued this position:
  15. _________ arguments are also known as first-cause arguments because they attempt to infer that God must exist as the first cause of the universe.
  16. According to Craig, atheists like Camus and Russell are inconsistent to promote love and brotherhood.
  17. The Kalam version of the cosmological argument is a temporal form of the argument.
  18. The moral argument claims that if objective moral norms exist, then God must exist because objective morality entails a moral law maker.
  19. “Nescience” refers to something that exhibits intelligence in design but is not intelligent itself

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