PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 4 (Liberty University)

PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 4 (Liberty University)


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PHIL 201 Quiz 4

  1. Which of the following can be classified as a priori knowledge?
  2. Hume’s fork consisted of:
  3. For Locke, which of the ideas below would be a complex idea:
  4. According to Dew and Foreman, faith is one of the sources of knowledge.
  5. Plato’s forms exist apart from the physical objects that they represent in the world experienced by our senses.
  6. One problem with the coherence theory of truth is that it is not linked with the real world but only systems of beliefs.
  7. According to Plato, the process by which we know things in the world is called:
  8. The philosopher who believed we are born with innate “categories of understanding” was:
  9. An argument used by Descartes to prove Gods existence:
  10. The book by Plato from which we get our traditional definition of knowledge:
  11. In response to the Gettier Problem, Keith Lerher and Thomas Paxson revise JTB as:
  12. Which is not one of the ways the word “know” might be used?

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