PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 3 (Liberty University)

PHIL 201 PHIL201 Quiz 3 (Liberty University)


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PHIL 201 Quiz 3

  1. In Philosophy, some ideas, concepts or beliefs should be accepted on the grounds of authority, and should never be questioned.
  2. Which of the following is not true concerning expert authority?
  3. If a theory is inconsistent that means everything asserted by the theory is wrong.
  4. In the field of Metaphysics, wholism is the view that complex entities are identical to their component parts
  5. Which of the following is not a source of authority mentioned in Hasker?
  6. According to Hasker, a misconception that some have of libertarianism:
  7. One major argument for libertarianism is:
  8. The view that our choices are governed by whatever is our strongest motive in a given situation is called:
  9. According to Hasker, the main problem of theological determinism is:
  10. A strong argument in favor of libertarianism is the rational thought seems to require the ability to freely choose between different options and ideas.
  11. According to Hasker, emergentism implies that at least some non-human animals have souls.

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