PED 212 PED212 Week 3 DQ 1 Class Environments (Ashford)

PED 212 PED212 Week 3 DQ 1 Class Environments (Ashford)


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PED 212 Week 3 Discussion 1 Class Environments

Class Environments. Read in Chapter 9 about Autonomy Supportive Environments in the classroom. Review Table 9.3 on the comparison of a controlling environment and an autonomy supportive environment.

For your initial post, create a model for a physical education lesson that is being taught in a controlling environment. Explain in detail how the task is introduced, taught, and assessed. You must include the following criteria:

Name of task
Type of authority in decision making Recognition of achievement
Grouping of children
Time constraints

Your initial post can be a chart like the one below, or the information can be presented in story form.

Example: “Coach Johnson will be teaching a class how to dribble a ball while stationary. First, she will pass out equipment so each child has a ball. Then...” 

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