PBHE 315 PBHE315 Week 5 Quiz Answers (APUS)

PBHE 315 PBHE315 Week 5 Quiz Answers (APUS)


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PBHE 315 Week 5 Quiz (APUS)

  1. Evidence suggests that nonprofit hospitals in the United States are ________ than for-profit hospitals. 
  2. Studies have found that consumers respond to hospital quality in the following ways. 
  3. Table 16-1 suggests that if the marginal product per dollar of physicians is lower than practical nurses, we should: 
  4. Nonprofit firms do not need to generate an excess of revenue over expenses. 
  5. The Government pays a very small portion of all nursing home costs. 
  6. A shortage of labor occurs when the wage rate is not high enough to attract the amount of labor demanded. 

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