NT 2670 NT2670 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech University)

NT 2670 NT2670 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech University)


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NT 2670 Final Exam  (ITT TECH)

  1. The DNS record is used to indicate the e-mail server for a particular domain to which e-mail should be forwarded.
  2. The (global catalog) is a database of all object names in the forest and aids in locating objects in the AD.
  3. _____ enable you to use a Web site to publish files located anywhere on the network?
  4. _____ is an MMC console that provides a selection of the most commonly used Windows Server 2008 management tools.
  5. _____ is and improved version of the standard e-mail protocol that provides greater support for embedded graphics and attachments in e-mail.
  6. The Add Roles Wizard provides roles that fall into three basic categories: Directory Services, Application Services, and ____?
  7. All applications that you add to the Default Web Site on the server use ____.
  8. Although mailbox users connect to a single public folder database by default, they will be able to see and access all of the public folders within the Exchange organization using ____.
  9. The client must use the prefix ____ in its URL to connect to an IIS7 server using SSL.
  10. Digital certificates are issued by internal or external resources called?
  11. Domain names that contain the name of the host computer are called _____
  12. Edge role servers must use ADAM to periodically obtain AD and Exchange information using the ____ protocol from a server that hosts the Hub role.
  13. Email is typically created and sent using an email client program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, called a ___.
  14. FTP7 can use ____ to encrypt its authentication traffic before Transmission.
  15. GPOs are applied to user and computer objects based on the link in the following order: ___ >Domain> Parent OUs>Child OUs.
  16. How many hub role servers should you have? ____
  17. If all of the authentication methods fail, as in an improperly configured site with no methods enables the client receives HTTP error ____
  18. IIS7, to protect its own server functions, as well as those of the other Web sites and Windows Server 2008 itself, can isolate Web applications in separate address spaces called?___
  19. Instead of using public folders, Outlook 2007 and Entourage 2008 MAPI clients use the ___ within Exchange 2007 to obtain offline address books, schedule calendar appointments, and obtain configuration information.
  20. The most secure of the traditional challenge/response authentication methods supported by IIS7 is____
  21. Network-based firewalls can restrict traffic based on source and destination IP address, network, and____ address.
  22. Outlook Anywhere uses the ____ component to connect to your Exchange servers from across the Internet.
  23. POP3 uses TCP port 110 while IMAP uses TCP port ___ by default.
  24. The process of confirming a user's identity, usually by requiring the user to supply some sort of token, such as a password or a certificate, is called ____.
  25. To relay e-mail within your organization and across the Internet, the Hub and Edge role servers must have ____ that specify how to send and receive e-mail.
  26. To restrict Web site or FTP access to specific computers or companies, you can create a list of ____ and ____ to which the server will grant or deny access.
  27. Two basic types of computers that can be on an enterprise network are? ____
  28. The two forest-wide FSMO roles that must be present on a single DC in the forest are the Domain Naming Master and the ____.
  29. Unlike other Exchange servers within you Exchange Organization, servers that host the ____ role cannot communicate directly with Active Directory.
  30. Web applications use a three tiered architecture; the first tier is the client browser application running on the end users' computer. The second tier is a Web server with some type of dynamic content generation capability, and the third tier is a ____ that stores the information the Web server uses to dynamically generate Web pages.
  31. Web servers use port number ____ by default and the default port number for an SSL connection is____.
  32. What type of mailbox allows a user in one forest to access a mailbox in another forest across a trust relationship? ____
  33. When a client runs and application on a terminal server, which of the following resources does the application utilize? ____
  34. When assigning permissions, it is best to assign them to ____ rather than to individual users.
  35. When IIS7 generates a 404 error, it sends a ____; error page, in response to local requests, and a ____error page for requests coming from other computers.
  36. Where is the root directory of the default Web site placed when IIS7 is installed? ____
  37. Which authentication protocol is integrated into an IIS7 installation by default? ____
  38. Which Exchange Server role allows users to access e-mail, voice mail, and fax messages from MAPI client, OWA, smart phone or telephone? ____
  39. Which log in the Windows Event Viewer contains Exchange-related errors and warnings? ____
  40. Which of the following correctly identifies the HTTP/IIS binding options available? ____
  41. Which of the following is a complete installation of an operating system that runs in a software environment emulating a physical computer? _____
  42. Which of the following is not a server role available in Exchange Server 2007? ____
  43. Which of the following is the original default filename for the Web? ____
  44. Which of the following roles enables users working at another computer on the company network or on the internet to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there?_____
  45. Which of the Windows server 2008 installation options is a stripped-down version of the operating system, where there is no start menu, no desktop Explorer shell, no MMC console, and virtually no graphical applications? _____
  46. Which platform does Exchange Server 2007 require for a production environment? ____
  47. Which protocol is designed to download email form an e-mail server to a client for viewing? _____
  48. Which user group represents users within an organization that have both a user account in AD and a mailbox on and Exchange server? ____
  49. Windows Server 2008 includes a feature that implements an ____ , which you can configure to handle all of the outgoing email messages sent by the systems various roles and features.
  50. You can use the ____ command to test connectivity to SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4

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