NT 1330 NT1330 Client Server II Final Review (ITT Tech University)

NT 1330 NT1330 Client Server II Final Review (ITT Tech University)


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NT 1330 Client Server II Final Review

1) What mechanism within DNS is used to set up load balancing between multiple servers that are advertising the same SRV records?   

2) What security improvement allows you to begin the installation of an RODC from a secure central location before completing it at the remote site where the RODC will be housed?

3) What does each class or attribute that you add to the Active Directory scheme need to have?  

4) Which windows server 2008 feature enables you to perform certain active Directory maintenance functions without needing to reboot the domain controller?

5) Which utility allows you to create, remove, and maintain active directory trust relationships from the command-line?    

6) What is the new unified tool, introduced by windows Server 2008, for managing numerous aspects of a 2008 server?

7) Although all writeable domain controllers use multimaster replication, there are certain sensitive operations that can only be controlled by one DC at a time. What is this functionality known as?  

8) What Windows serer 2008 feature allows you to configure a user or group as the local administrator of an RODC without delegating any rights to the user or group within active directory?      

9) What is a new installation option in windows server 2008 that features a minimal installation footprint designed to run specific infrastructure services? 

10) What term describes the length of time for which a DNS record is valid after which it needs to be re-registered?    

11) The KCC is responsible for calculating intersite replication partners. During this process, what is the maximum number of hops that the KCC will allow between domain controllers? 

12)  Replication   that occurs between sites is called ____ replication. 

13) Company XYZ is a national company with locations in Detroit, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Dallas. There are two connections between Detroit and Minneapolis. The first is a T-1 link and the second is a 128-kbps link. When setting up the site links for replication, what should you do to ensure that the 128-kbps link is used only if the T-1 is unavailable? 

14) You are the admin for a network that has several sites. There is a site link from the main headquarters to each remote site for file transfer and replication purposes. You have been asked to create five new users on the network, and several of the users need immediate access to network applications. When asked by your manager how long replication of these new accounts will take, what is your response?

15) Given the scenario in the previous replication question, how long would it take for others DCs within the headquarters site to replicate the accounts belonging to the new users? 

16) What mechanism is used by an Active Directory domain controller to indicate that it has replicated changes to communicate to its replication partners?  

17) When would you disable automatic site-link bridging within Active Directory sites and services? 

18) To optimize client authentication and location of resourced, which kind of abject should each Active Directory site contain? 

19) Which of the following naming contexts are replicated across an entire Active Directory forest? 

20) When creating a site link, you can configure it to use which of the following protocols?  

21) Which special identity group controls anonymous access to resources in Windows server 2008?    

22) What defines the types of objects that can belong to a particular group and the types of resources that group can be used to secure?

23) What technique is used to configure one security group as a member of another security group?  

24) The administrator and guest user accounts are examples of?

25) Which command-line tool can be used to create various object types within Active Directory?  

26) Which input file format allows you to create, modify, and delete objects within active directory? 

27) Which group type allows you to assign permissions to resources, as well as receive messages via active directory enabled email applications such as Microsoft Exchange? 

28) Which group scope can contain users and groups from any domain within an Active Directory forest, but can be used only to secure resources located within the same domain as the group itself? 

29) Which account is configured on an Active Directory domain controller and can be used to grant access to resources on any domain-joined computer? 

30) What can be used to run script files using VBScript or Jscript from the windows desktop or from a command prompt?  

31) Which interface allows you to grant limited permissions within Active Directory to individual users or groups to adhere to a principle of least privilege in administering active directory?   

32) Which programs allows you to use the secondary Logon Service to launch individual programs and utilities using administrative privileges?   

33) Which command-line utility can be used to move an Active Directory object from one container to another? 

34) What is a numeric or alphanumeric character sequence that you enter with a smart card to access a server or other active directory resource?  

35) What is a password that has sufficient length and complexity that is difficult for a hacker or other malicious user to hack?   

36) Which service enables you to use the runas command-line utility?  

37) What is the recommended method for moving active directory objects from one domain to another?  

38) Which password-cracking attack functions by attempting every possible combination of alphanumeric combination of alphanumeric characters until it finds a match? 

39) What is a new GUI option in windows server 2008 and windows Vista that allows you to launch a specific application using elevated privileges?

40) With a username, what is needed to access network resources in a default active directory environment?   

41) What is the process of applying a Group Policy Object to a particular container, such as a site, domain, or an organizational unit? 

42) Which folder stores policy settings, such as security setting and script files? 

43) Which technique allows you to specify individual users to groups within a container who should or should not receive the settings configured in a particular GPO?  

44) Which utility is used to edit the settings contained in an individual active directory group policy object? 

45) What is a new feature in Windows Server 2008 that allows you to configure a GPO “pattern” that you can use to create additional GPOs beginning with the same settings in the pattern?

46) Which type of GPO processing requires that each GPO must be read and applied completely before the next policy can be processed?   

47) Which GPO setting automates the process of presenting user files from a network folder rather than an individual users desktop, this making them accessible from anywhere in the network? 

48) Which file extension identifies Administrative templates in Windows Server 2008?  

49) Which feature, new to Windows Server 2008, allows you to install workstation operating systems and software in an enterprise environment? 

50) What is the single location within the SYSVOL share where DMX files can be stored?  

51) Which resultant set of policy mode queries existing GPOs linked to sites, domains, and OUs to report on currently applied GPO settings?   

52) What provides a common framework that can be used to query servers and workstations for information about specific hardware or software, such as RAM, hard drive space, running services, and installed software? 

53) Which GPMC components provides information analogues to planning mode in the resultant set of policy MMC snap-in? 

54) Which tool can be used to obtain effective Group Policy information from the command line? 

55) Which resultant set of policy mode can be used to obtain Group Policy modeling information?    

56) Which database contains information used by windows Management Instrumentation?

57) What is a GUI-based query engine that looks at a configured GPO in a forest and then reports its findings? 

58) What language is used to write WMI queries? 

59) Which node within the group policy management console provides the effective policy settings applied to a particular user/computer combination?

60) You have a group policy object used to install a particular software application. Because this is a resource intensive application, you want the software to be installed only on computers that have at least 1GB OF RAM. What feature can you use to restrict the application of this GPO to computers that meet this criterion?   

61) Each host on a TCP/IP network should be configured with a number of mandatory and optional configuration items accepts for which of the following? 

62) What partition style is recommended for disks larger than 2TB of for disks that are used in itanium computers?  

63) BOOTP enables TCP/IP workstations to retrieve settings for all of the configuration parameters it needs to run excluding which option. 

64) What is now a Key benefit provided bt DHCP for those managing and maintaining a TCP/IP network? 

65) Sent by clients via broadcast to locate DHCP server per RFC2131, which message may include options that suggest values for the network address and lease duration.  

66) What type of zone might a DNS server host? 

67) By implementing the___ feature when Folder Redirection is also configured, administrators can control the amount of information that is stored on the server.

68) Microsoft Windows Server 2008 uses the Windows Installer with Group Policy to install and manage software that is packaged into what type of file? 

69) What option helpful when you are deploying required application to pertinent users and computers.  

70) What MMC snap-in provides a single access point to all aspects of Group Policy that were previously spread across other tools such as Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Sites and Services, Resultant set of Policy, and the Group Policy Management Editor?  

71) When a GPO is selected in Group Policy Management which tab allows administrators to view the location to which the policy is linked?

72) What is responsible for managing changes to the Active Directory database?

73) What manual process defragments the Active Directory database in addition to reducing its size?

74) To back up active directory, you must install what feature from the server Manager console? 

75) A__ name references an object in the Active Directory directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain?    

76) What is the minimum amount of storage space required for the Active Directory installation files? 

77) _______ Partitions are used to separate forest-wide DNS information from domain-wide DNS information to control the scope of replication of different typed of DNS data. 

78) Active Directory creates a ___ with the idea that all writable domain should communicate Active Directory information to each other, in addition to communicating forest-wide information with other domains. 

79) When replicating information between sites, Active Directory will designate a _____ Bridgehead server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site reolication. 

80) What port is used by Active Directory to direct search request to a global catalog server? 

81) What are the functions performed by a global catalog server?  

82) ___ Groups are non-security-related groups created for the distribution of information to one or more persons.   

83) Groups are used to consolidate groups and accounts that either span multiple domains or entire forest.   

84) What is a system of digital certificates, certification authorities and other registration authorities that verify and authenticate the validity of each party involved in an electronic transaction through the use of public key cryptography?

85) What command-line tool can be used with a standard user account to reduce the risks associated with the administrator account?   

86) What policies applies Group Policy settings to various containers within Active Directory?  

87) What policies work with folder redirection to provide the ability to cache files locally?

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