NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 2 with Answers (UMUC)

NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 2 with Answers (UMUC)


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NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 2

  1. The electric charge on all electrons
  2. If you strip electrons from an atom, the atom becomes a
  3. A difference between electric and gravitational forces is that electric forces include
  4. Two charges separated by 1 m exert a 1.0-N force on each other. If the charges are pushed to 0.25-m separation, the force on each charge will be
  5. A proton and an electron are placed in an electric field. Which undergoes the greater acceleration?
  6. When a battery does 24 J of work on 10 C of charge, the voltage it supplies is
  7. Compared to the work input to charge an electrostatic generator, the energy output is
  8. Which statement is correct?
  9. A circuit is powered with a battery. It is best to say that electrons flow
  10. When the voltage across a steady resistance is doubled, the current
  11. The current through two identical light bulbs connected in series is 0.25 A. The voltage across both bulbs is 110 V. The resistance of a single light bulb is
  12. An electric heater is rated at 300 W when used in a 110-V circuit. The safety fuse in the circuit can accommodate 15 A of current. How many heaters can be safely operated in the circuit?
  13. How much current is in a 60-W light bulb connected to 120 V?
  14. Every magnet contains at least
  15. Magnetism is due to the motion of electrons as they
  16. When a bar magnet is broken in half, the magnetic strength of each piece is
  17. The magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil will be greater if the coil encloses a
  18. A galvanometer calibrated to read current is
  19. Which force field can both accelerate an electron and change its speed?
  20. Faraday's law is the law that describes
  21. The metal detectors that travelers walk through at airports operate via
  22. An electric generator of itself
  23. The rate at which a transformer transfers energy is called
  24. A current of 4 A exist in the primary coil of a transformer. The voltage across the primary coil is 110 V. What is the power output of the secondary coil?
  25. An electronic game requires 6 V for operation. A transformer allows it to be powered from a 120-V outlet. If the primary has 500 turns, the secondary has

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