NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 1 with Answers (UMUC)

NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 1 with Answers (UMUC)


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NSCI 100 NSCI100 Quiz 1 

  1. Galileo's demonstration at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  2. A kilogram is a measure of an object's
  3. An object weighs 30 N on Earth. A second object weighs 30 N on the Moon. The object with the greater mass is the one on
  4. An object is pulled with two forces, 10 N northward and 15 N southward. The direction of the net force is to the
  5. If Burl carried Paul piggy-back while standing in the middle of a scaffold, the tensions in the two supporting ropes would
  6. When you stand at rest on a floor, the number of vertical forces acting on you is
  7. A parachutist falling at constant velocity is in a state of
  8. A 3000-N bear grasping a vertical tree slides down at constant velocity. The friction force between the tree and the bear is
  9. You're lying on the sand on a breezy day when a pesky fly wishes to join you. The breeze is blowing at a steady 2 m/s. In order for the fly to land on you it should hover over you while flying
  10. The net force on any object moving at constant velocity is
  11. A car has a mass of 1000 kg and accelerates at 2 m/s^2. What is the magnitude of the force exerted on the car?
  12. A player hits a ball with a bat. If one part of the interaction is the bat against the ball, the other part is the
  13. As a ball falls, the action force is the pull of Earth's mass on the ball. The reaction force is the
  14. If the mass of Earth somehow increased with no change in radius, your weight would
  15. If Earth's mass decreased to one-half its original mass with no change in radius, your weight would
  16. At some point between Earth and the Moon, the forces due to gravity on a space traveler would be the same. This point is
  17. Dwarf planet Pluto was discovered by perturbations of
  18. Inside the interior of a truck that moves at constant velocity is a package that drops from the midpoint of the ceiling. The package hits the floor
  19. A skydiver who weighs 500 N reaches terminal velocity at 90 km/h. The air resistance on the skydiver is
  20. An elephant and a feather fall from a tree through the air to the ground below. The force of air resistance is greater on the
  21. If an object falls with constant acceleration, the velocity of the object must
  22. After a ball tossed upward leaves your hand, the force of gravity on it
  23. A large and a small person wish to parachute at equal terminal velocities. The large person should
  24. Action and reaction forces comprise the parts of
  25. A car traveling at 100 km/h strikes an unfortunate bug that splatters on the windshield. The force of impact is greater on the

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